Marsano studio offers professional guidance to express your personal ideas about  flowers and home decoration.


My Bouquet

17. Mar 2018, 09. June 2018, 15. Sept 2018

Learn two of the most important ostrich forms. The formal-linear bouquet and the round, open bouquet.


Registration fee 10€

75€ Course fee incl. materials


My Balcony

12. Mai 2018

Learn with us the right planting from your balcony: Which substrate? What kind of fertilizer? The right plants for the right location.


Registration fee 10€

Billing according to consumption


My Advent

26. Nov 2018, 25. Nov 2018

always 10am, 12.30pm, 3pm

Wrap and decorate your candles and wreath.


Registration fee 10€

Wreath for 85€



To apply for a workshop with Marsano please contact us
by phone or E-mail:


Tel. +49 (0)30 206 14 73


Participants from 6 people, max. 12

Start two o’clock (duration 2 hours)


Flowers Marsano GmbH
Charlottenstraße 75, 10117 Berlin


The fees are based on material consumption.


The Marsano Studio is a place to realize your ideas and creative experiments. In the professionally led workshops in our shop in Berlin Mitte you will have the opportunity to try different techniques and get to know new materials. Register today and see for yourself!