The perfect vase to compliment your bouquet. Our extensive range of vases and containers are available to purchase and rent. For events or for your home, we have a variety of vases to match your flowers.


We provide consultancy and bespoke solutions for every type of garden. We understand the importance of this personal outdoor space and work with you to create an exclusive and unique experience of this personal space.


We supply a ever changing selection of handpicked furniture and lamps from all over the world as well as rare and limited vintage pieces. Our selection of furniture is available for purchase and to rent for various occasions including photoshoots, dinner parties and corporate events. For more information please contact us via phone or email.


Our unique selection of vintage items includes small and large pieces of jewellery, vases and furniture. Our collection is sourced from all kinds of locations across the world, from flea markets in London and Paris or bazaars in India.


Marsano-Editions is a growing range of products and ideas focused on beautiful flowers and a beautiful home.


Marsano Edition Poster: Textile designer Nadine Goepfert has developed a series of floral collages from six motifs especially for Marsano. The edition was first presented at the exhibition “Flowers on Paper” and is available directly from Marsano as postcards or posters.